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Bring the garden indoors and brighten up your kitchen with tasty home-grown herbs in a beautifully crafted cedar container. Surprisingly solid design: • No visible nails or screws to rust. Western Red Cedar (decay resistant) heavily bonded with waterproof food safe wood glue. • Thin walls with tough reinforced corners for maximum soil volume. • We sand every part to a nice paper-smooth texture and hand-rub light beeswax to retain the wood's color. We use no stains or dyes but Western red Cedar will vary in tone some from cut to cut.

User-friendly features: • Cheesecloth screen and oversize drain holes provide exceptional drainage while keeping soil mix where it belongs. We use a small dish towel under the 3/4" space to catch dribbles, it works very nicely. • Black rubber feet are screwed in place on the bottom. They give the planter a nice modern-looking "lift" and stability while helping with drainage. • Makes a lovely gift for a gardener, for Mother's Day, Father's Day, housewarming, or birthdays. Details: • 3.5" wide x 4" tall x 11" long exterior fits neatly on the average kitchen window ledge. • Cheesecloth liner included (see alternate images) • Minimal packaging, at least 90% post-consumer. • Scent of light cedar and light beeswax. • Recycled wood. Made in USA

Wood Herb Planter For Kitchen Wood Herb Planter For Kitchen

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