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A Nordic/Scandinavian Home & Garden Subscription box

Shipping is FREE for The Heima Box. Doesn't matter which size you pick.

Sign up before our official launch date July 1st and you could win your subscription for a WHOLE YEAR FOR FREE. 

This monthly subscription box is simply called Heima (which means “at home” in Icelandic) and includes carefully curated home and garden goods. It will bring to your home good quality designs based upon your personal style. You can pick between minimalism, boho or modern styles but what you get will always be a surprise so you will look forward to each month.

We have poured our hearts and souls into bringing you the best designs and on trend home and garden goods, all in the Nordic/Scandinavian style. 

You can pick what size or style is the best fit for you. The best thing is, is that you can change between styles, sizes and delivery frequency whenever you want. You will get access to your subscription choices through your account when we launch.


  • Minimalism: Are you realizing you only pick monochrome tones for everything in your home. White. Black. Grey. This style is for you. 
  • Minimalism With A Boho Twist: A popular request from our customers has turned into it's own style. You dream of being a minimalist but in your heart your a boho. Or you like boho without all the colors. This is your style. 
  • Boho: If you like 70's style wall hangings, macramé, rustic ceramics, sage burning and yoga than this box is for you. 
  • Modern: Do you like clean lines and colors mixed with some personal style and art. Then this style is for you.
  • Surprise me!: This box is both for the risk takers and those who don't really know what style they belong to but genuinely appreciate a beautiful home. 
  • Are you still not sure which style to pick. Use our chat or contact form. Do you see the little blue messenger button floating around. That's us! Click it and pick send a message and we will help you with your questions. If you don't have facebook or just like to send a long message you can click contact in the shop menu.


  • Small: Get something to inspire you. 
  • Medium: Get some things that can change a room and uplift a home. 
  • Large: Get a whole new lifestyle. 

Delivery Frequency: (You can change this when we launch)

  • Every month.
  • Every other month.
  • Every third month.




The Heima Box The Heima Box

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The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box The Heima Box