The Heima Box is a curated Nordic experience that includes Scandinavian and Icelandic home decor and lifestyle items as well as hand picked goods that have a Nordic reference or you would see in a Nordic home.

Normal Subscription

You start your subscription by picking your first Heima Box and when it gets close to your renewal we send you an email to remind you to pick your next box. You can cancel, skip, change sizes or switch to mystery subscription at any time. 

Mystery Subscription

If you want to be surprised you can pick the mystery box. All you have to do is pick your size and wait for your surprise. Every time it's close to being renewed we send you an email and you can change sizes, cancel, skip or switch to a normal subscription. 

Pre-paid Subscription

You can pre-pay for a few boxes at a time and get credit to your account for all of them at the same time or get monthly reminders like a regular or a mystery subscription. Click here

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