About Us

We sell good quality home goods, apparel and accessories. The word heima simply means "at home" in Icelandic. In addition to being a humble retail shop Heima Market fights homelessness. We will offer products entirely dedicated to the issue where all the proceeds go directly to a specific organization(s), we will also publish blog posts and social media posts about issues related to homelessness. We think that ending homelessness is very well possible, so we will donate to organizations from our profits that we think are thinking not only about taking care of those who are homeless but also working towards sustainable goals on ending homelessness. 

We like to support makers and designers that make sustainable goods for a sustainable lifestyle. You will find a mix of goods from small and big companies that all share the same goal of making good quality products that fit into our nordic lifestyle of slowing down and enjoying the moment. 

We are located in New Hampshire and we are a family business. One of us is from Iceland and the other one from New Jersey.  


We believe that it's possible to end homelessness AND we believe everyone should do good. So we have combined our passion for this incredibly important cause with our shop and hope to make a difference.

We will be giving a part of our profits to various organizations around the USA and the rest of the world so that people can keep their dignity and have a better future. We will also sell products specifically dedicated to our cause as well as educating ourselves and others through our website and social media about the various ways we can end homelessness. 


The task at hand is huge and ending homelessness is a big and complex project. The many layers of poverty and reasons why people become homeless are almost endless. But, there are researches being done every day and there are even more willing people to work towards the end goal. 


Give part of our profits to organizations that empower people while fighting to end homelessness. 


Sell products that are dedicated to a cause or the customer can pick which organization gets the donation. 


Educate people about various organizations and causes that are fighting to end homelessness. Even have links where they can go volunteer to help out. 


Help spread the word about which programs work so that other communities and organizations can start working towards ending homelessness.