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These lovely bunny and swan coat hangers are specially designed for children and babies clothes and are smaller in size than regular hangers.

Cute double-sided kids coat hangers that you can use for example as an accessory for every nursery and kids room. Hang some of your favorite clothes, jewelry, and backpacks. You name it!...

  • Sizes: Swan: 28,5 cm x 27 cm, Bunny 28 cm x 27,5 cm
  • Contents: 2 coat hangers
  • Material: hard-pressed cardboard


The Little Lovely collection includes a series of popular lightboxes, unique word banners, garlands, items for children’s rooms, and seasonal decorations.

Founders and designers Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley started their Little Lovely adventure from a shared passion: transforming ordinary everyday home and kidsroom decorations into unique pieces with a personal and creative touch. Every Little Lovely product aims to encourage creativity, individual style, and a sense of fun and happiness. This philosophy has led to a unique brand which is committed to designing affordable products that deliver the WOW factor - making everyday life just that little bit more lovely.

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Coat hanger: Bunny & swan Coat hanger: Bunny & swan

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Coat hanger: Bunny & swan Coat hanger: Bunny & swan Coat hanger: Bunny & swan