Darling Clementine

Candle in a Ceramic Vessel - Morild

$28.76 $31.95

Scented Candle inspired by the Norwegian woodlands, fjords, mountains and seaside.

Soy wax candle in lush ceramic vessel, with a delicate matte finish and glossy lid.

Scent: Sea, reed & clean linens.

9 oz / 255 g.

Size: 12 cm with lid, 9 cm without, ø 8 cm.,  3.5"diam. x 5"h.

Burn time up to 70 hours.

Made in USA

Darling Clementine is a Norway based company founded in 2006 by Ingrid Reithaug and Tonje Holand. Products currently include stationery, tableware, textiles and homeware. All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality.

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