The Heima Box has moved out
We have launched the new website and people have already started signing up which means that all systems are working. We added a gift subscription finally and new sizes but you will see that we are still adding new curated options and the build a heima box feature is still being worked on too. All subscribers have now the options of adding items to their monthly boxes and get a 20-60% off regular prices plus FREE US shipping. Current subscribers will be moved to the new website in the coming days so they can control their subscription just like before. 

You will see that we have most of the same items as Heima Market at the moment but in the coming months you will see both websites grow individually. The Heima Box will have more imported items from Scandinavia and Iceland that will be exclusive to The Heima Box and Heima Market will be adding more items from small brands as well as more clothing, baby and kids items. We are excited about the future and look forward growing with you.

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