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We have just added the viigii service to our website and hope you will enjoy sending virtual gifts to your friends and family. 

Did you just remember someone has a birthday today and you're too late with a gift? Not to worry beause you can send them a thoughtful virtual gift and let them know that their gift is on it's way. 
Someone you love just got a promotion and you want to send them something to celebrate. Viigii e-gifting helps you send something on the day of the occasion. You can also schedule your e-gifts to a date in the future. 


Watch the video to learn more about this beautiful e-gifting experience. 

Why not send someone you love an e-gift and before they get their gift. It's free and fun.

You can also add a gift wrap and a greeting card at checkout to make the gift more personal. 




Dear Kim
This post is from last year about the e-gifting. We just deactivated the vigii service because it was not working too well on mobile anymore. We are looking into other services at the moment. Sorry about that.
All the best,
Dögg from Heima Market




How do I use this feature on your website? I can’t seem to find anything about it.



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