New Heima Rewards Club

Now you can sign up for an account and start earning Krónur towards coupons. Krónur is the old nordic currency, still used in many Nordic/Scandinavian countries. 

If you collect 500 Krónur you get $5 coupon, 1000 Krónur earns you a $10 coupon and 2500 Krónur earns you a $25 coupon. 

You can earn Krónur by just signing up, liking our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram. You can earn extra Krónur for sharing Heima Market on your Facebook timeline and having a birthday earns you some too. You also earn Krónur for every purchase you make.

The referral part of the Heima Rewards Club gives you the opportunity to earn huge amounts of Krónur. All you have to do is send your friends your designated referral link and for every new customer Heima Market gets you get 250 Krónur. Not only that but you will give your friends 10% off their first purchase. 

Do you see that little pink button in the right bottom corner that says Heima Rewards Club. Click on it! And sign up! 


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