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Lovewild Design is a sustainable gifts and stationery line made with locally and responsibly-sourced materials. From their family and women-run studio in Brooklyn, NY, they create handmade goods that support low-impact manufacturing, local vendors, and lovely harmony all around. 

Lovewild Design's signature paper products are embedded with seeds that grow when planted.

Sierra, the owner of Lovewild Design is inspired by the environment to use renewable resources and to keep things local whenever possible. A serial entrepreneur since she was 5, Sierra grew up in the East Village where she often worked outside her parents' store. Instead of going to the playground, she would hunker down and try her hand at various businesses—shoe shining, selling vintage jewelry, running an organic milkshake stand—to make a few bucks. 

Several years later Sierra began working with non-profits around the world. Seeing how much we waste, and how much we have worth saving, lead her to base everything she does in sustainability. Lovewild serves as a creative outlet and a platform through which we can support local vendors, low-impact materials and wind-powered manufacturing. 
We think Lovewild Design is such a good role model in how to do good business and everything that comes from them is so beautiful and thoughtful. 
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