New Brand - Katie Made That

We're excited to bring you a new brand to Heima Market: Katie Made That. We will include the art work and greeting cards both in our boxes and our shop. We hope to expand our product selection in the coming months because we feel like Katie Made That is a perfect match to the Nordic lifestyle Heima Market is all about. 

About Katie: 

Katie is a designer living in Austin, Texas. She's always been drawn to patterns. And in her own words she explains how Katie Made That came to existence:

"The right pattern can change the whole feel of a space. Each one is so unique and packed with personality—they are the perfect vessels for self-expression since they can say so much so quickly.
However, when I went searching for some patterned art prints for my home, I was surprised to come up empty-handed. So I decided to create the things I couldn't find.
I spent months sketching, tracing, making and remaking until each piece felt thoughtful & unique—like it might just be that perfect thing to make somebody's space a little more special and a little more tailored to them.
Patterns can add so much personality to a space or an object. They are amazing tools for self-expression and have the ability to completely transform their surroundings. 
It's my goal to create patterns and designs that connect with people and fit into their lives in a way that allows them to say something about themselves and their aesthetic that they couldn't say alone. I love that I can make something and infuse it with my own artistic voice, and then it can completely change and take on a new life when someone brings it into their home and works it into their vision."

Process & Materials:

All the products from Katie Made That are designed by Katie in her home studio. She works with a local Austin printer to screen print the larger poster-sized prints. The remainder of the products are carefully printed in full-color on premium paper stocks.

Katie only chooses papers that she knows are created sustainably by mills that she trusts. Most of the paper in her work comes from French Paper, which is powered by fully renewable hydroelectric generators, and Neenah Paper, which provides 100% cotton papers made from textile industry waste by-products.

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