Moving Sale - 30% off

Help us clear our shelves because we are moving to a bigger space. You might have noticed that we have not been adding as many new arrivals lately. That's because we are preparing to move all of our stock and it would be perfect if you could just buy everything that's available in the shop. :)

All thanks to you Heima Market and The Heima Box is in need of a bigger space. We have been working out of our 1840's New England home for the last year and a half. It all started in the office, then spread to the guest room, dining room, garage, workshop and now living room and hallways. So thank you everyone. We have so much planned for this fall and look forward to continue to delight you with exciting imports from Scandinavia and Iceland as well as adding a ton of gorgeous goods made from small brands and makers. 

Use the discount code: MOVEIT or click here to have the code automatically added to your checkout. 


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