Fantastic review of our Heima Box

The popular website My Subscription Addiction just released a review for our Heima Box. They bought the small box in the "minimalism with a boho twist" style. We are over the moon and couldn't be prouder. 


This is their verdict but go to their website to read the whole review and check out all their awesome photos too: 

Verdict: My very first Heima Box had a value of $65 which is more than twice the price of the box at $29.  This box was a hit for me because I love the Nordic/Scandinavian design and housewares. I was a little unsure of which box style to choose but am glad I went with Minimal with a hint of Boho. I like a bit of fun in my housewares but nothing too bright or rustic, and the Heima Box fit my style very well. I’m really looking forward to my next box and am tempted to try out one of the larger boxes or even multiple styles!



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